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Sunday, March 06, 2005

worth getting out of bed for?

'Hi' he said.
'good day?' he said.
'okay' I said.
'why not good?' he said.
'well..' i said.
'...didn't do all that.' i said.
'well, i know you're not working,...' he said.
'.. but it must be alright..' he said.
'you're getting dole money an' that?'
'yeh, suppose.' i said.
'but it's all philip 'n' fern, richard 'n' judy, des 'n' mel.'
'well, you must have done something?' he said.'
'i guess,' i guessed.
'i drew some cartoons and made up a song.'
'that's kind of constructive' he said.
'what was the song?' he said.
'well, y'know that johnny cash died, and he always wore black?' i said.
'mmm' he mmmed.
'i thought of this new persona. the beige man. he's got a theme. 'the man in beige'.
oh he said. a little bored like.
'do you want to hear it?' i said.
' i guess' he guessed.
'i'm the beige man
i wear beige when i can
not orange nor tan
'cos that would be strange
as i'm the man

(he's the man)
yeah, i'm the man
who likes to wear beige.'
'oh' said he
'was that worth getting out of bed for?'


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