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Monday, March 07, 2005

toby begins to see the light

the great young man known to the world, and his parents, as toby mcbride
was on the number 36 bus, which was heading rather less than briskly towards the reinvigorated vauxhall cross.
it was a monday morning, it was somewhat later than 9 30 am and he was, as per the norm, a tad late for college.
he started singing.
'here we go again, i'm looking at you my friend'
toby liked the velvet underground a lot. they were his favourite new - or rather, old - band.
people really di move round to look at him singing his little heart out. it wasn't that he was particularly loud or even that untuneful. it was just he was attempting the song in the style of a young lou reed. which was perfectly reasonable of course, bearing in mind the origins of the song. but perhaps that particular time of the morning was a bit early to hear a quasi-american whine in a public space.
toby however was undeterred by the grimaces and looks of bemusement heading in his direction. he continued with a huge grin across his rosy red face.
'and i'm beginning to see the light...'
just then a male person who looked quite close in age to our hero, turned his head around from the seat in front and looked for all intents and purposes that he was about to talk to our merry little friend. which he duly proceeded to do.
'hey! you get this bus a lot, don't you?'
toby nodded appropriately.
'well, it's just that i'm starting a band, and i like the same music that you seem to like. besides, anyone who wears a cardigan is good enough for me.toby looked at this friendly youth with a slight feeling of mistrust. this guy could be really taking this piss. but he chose to trust him. solely because he was in an exceptionally good mood.
'hi' he said.


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