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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the fannyman

what a name. what a nickname.
they had guessed somewhat that he may have less than generouslly sized than everyone else. maybe they were right. of course they were right. a few stolen glances in the boys toilets, the fact that he was more reluctant to shower than anyone else. so, so, obvious.
it was almost male rape the way they pulled down his trousers with such aggressive behaviour.
there had been three of them to just the one of him. it had occured on the school playing field that their two schools had shared. what had given them the urge? sexual curiosity perhaps? or just that feeling of humiliation...
anway, they got what they had wanted. he could barely walk home without thinking of what their possible agendas might have been.
so the next morning came along, he had to return to school.
he walked in, hoping the embarrassment of what had happend the afternoon before may have been greater on their parts. alas, no.
'fanyman, fanny man, here comes the fannyman!'
'do you really have no dick/cock/willy/ penis?' they all asked in varying degrees of loudness and suggestiveness.
'of course i do' said i, with absolutely no alternative but to go on the offensive.
'who? who me? i'm at least six inches.'


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